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We start the tour of the Orthodox monasteries of the Ovčar-Kablar gorge at 06.30 am from Belgrade. To the first monastery, which we will visit, we need a little less than two hours of pleasant driving. Our tourist guide will tell you about nature, history, culture, customs and people of this part of our beautiful Serbia.

According to legend, the construction of most of these magnificent monasteries began in the 14th century, when, due to Turkish incursions into the Balkan Peninsula, monks from Mount Athos moved to these parts. There are certain opinions that some monasteries date back to the 12th century. It is not possible to determine precisely how many there were. Today, ten monasteries are inhabited. Here are two holy places, the church of Savinja and the church of the cave – Kađenica.

Sretenje Monastery

 The Purification of Saint Mary the Virgin
It is believed that the Sretenje monastery was built by throwing a crown from the top of the Ovčar mountain. The place where the crown stopped, in a small valley a little lower than the top of Ovčar, was chosen as the location of the monastery. It is not known exactly when the construction of the monastery began. Based on its appearance, it is assumed that it is from the beginning of the 16th century.

Monastery Svete Trojice

 Holy Trinity Monastery

According to the legend, the monastery of the Holy Trinity was built at the end of the XII century on the slopes of the mountain Ovčar. It is known that the monks of the Sretenje monastery built the Holy Trinity monastery. Today's church is a single-nave building from the first half of the 17th century. According to its architecture, it belongs to the Raška architectural school. The whole monastery complex is an exceptional example of national architecture.

Vavedenje Monastery

 dedicated to the presentation of the Virgin Mary
This monastery is usually said to have been built by Saint Sava and his father Saint Simeon at the end of the 12th century. The monastery was destroyed several times by the Turks. Today's stylistic features speak of renewal from the 16th century. Not far from the church you can see the remains of a medieval town about which, unfortunately, nothing is known. Next to the church, there is a miraculous source of healing water. The relics of several saints are kept in the monastery. Vavedenje Monastery is a nunnery.

Vaznesenje Monastery

dedicated to the Ascension of Jesus Christ
The Vaznesenje Monastery is located on the northern slopes of Mount Ovčar. It is believed to have been built in the 12th or 13th century. The monastery suffered from the Turks several times. So that today's church was built on the foundations of an older temple. There was a transcription school in the monastery. The monastery was female until 2012 when it was renamed, male. The Holy Liturgy is served every day in the monastery.

Preobraženje Monastery

dedicated to Transfiguration of Jesus

The Preobraženje Monastery is located at the foot of Mount Ovčar. He was displaced there in 1911, from the left bank of the West Morava. Due to the construction of a railway through the Ovčar-Kablar gorge. There was a school for monks in the monastery, which moved to the Ostrog monastery in 1964, in Montenegro. Life in the monastery is organized according to the rules of Mount Athos-monks have no material goods. Under the authority of this monastery are two shrines. Church Savinja, and Kađenica.

Blagoveštenje Monastery

dedicated to the Holy Annunciation

The Blagoveštenje Monastery is located near Ovčar Banja. It was founded probably at the beginning of the 17th century, while it got its current appearance in the 17th century. The church was built in the Raska architectural school. It is quite sure that the church was renovated several times. The monastery was known for its transcription school. There are healing water springs on the territory of the monastery. In 1948, Serbian Patriarch Pavle became a monk in this monastery.

After visiting the Blagoveštenje Monastery, we will have a break for lunch and rest in the Ovčar-Kablar gorge on the banks of the river Zapadna Morava.

Nikolje Monastery

St. Nicholas Monastery
Nikolje Monastery is located at the foot of Mount Kablar. It cannot be claimed with certainty who built the monastery and when. It is assumed that it was built in the 15th century. There is also a belief that it is the oldest in the Ovčar-Kablar gorge. The church has preserved frescoes from the 16th and 17th centuries. The famous St. Nicholas Gospel was written in this monastery. There are also records that there used to be up to 300 monks in the monastery. Today, the monastery is female.

Jovanje Monastery

dedicated to the birth of St. John the Baptist
As for many other monasteries in the Ovčar-Kablar gorge, it is not known when the Jovanje monastery was built and who its founder was. Based on some tombstones, it is believed that it existed in the 13th century. It is believed that it served as an imperial laurel from which other monasteries were managed. Due to the construction of the dam in 1977 and the creation of Lake Međuvrsje, a new monastery was built. The Church of St. John is said to be one of the most beautiful in the gorge in terms of architecture.

Monastery Uspenje Presvete Bogorodice

Monastery of the Dormition of the Holy Virgin
The monastery is located on Jovanja hill, above the monastery Jovanje. It is visible from all sides of the Ovčar-Kablar gorge. The Monastery of the Dormition of the Holy Virgin is in the possession of the Jovanje Monastery. It is the youngest monastery in the gorge (1939). It was built on the site of several centuries-old abandoned shrines. Above the monastery are the remains of a fortification. The monastery is female.

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